When people talk about veneers they are looking to improve there smiles.  For many people veneers are an ideal choice.  Veneers  mask many problems such as color and shape/  Artful ceramists  control contour and color.  When bonded in place the result is a beautiful smile.

Who are good candidates for veneers?

People with minimally restored teeth are ideal candidates.  There is enough tooth structure to bond to.  If you have many composite restorations along the way a full crown may be the treatment of choice.  The alternative to veneers for heavily restored teeth is full porcelain crowns.

Excessively stained teeth are best off being restored with a crown.  This will allow the ceramist enough thickness of porcelain to use layers of porcelain to mimic natural teeth.

People who need orthodontic treatment due to excessive crowding should do the orthodontic treatment first.  Small discrepancies can be corrected by the ceramist.  Proper diagnosis and treatment planning are critical to maximizing results.

Getting it done:

Try to do your veneers in pairs.  If you approach treatment by budgeting two year, choose the front two teeth first.  Symmetry will be easy to maintain and your color match will be perfect.   Next year do the two or four adjacent teeth.  Ceramist have color guides that will enable them


Nick had orthodontic treatment and four veneers placed on his front teeth.

to match the shades of the veneers even though they are done at different times.

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