ortho treatment and veneers
Susan has a great smile following orthodontic treatment and veneers

Our Patient in 2001

How do veneers create beautiful smiles. Susan came to my office in November of 2001. Susan (that’s not her name) had large spaces between her front teeth. Spaces are caused by the teeth being too small or by tissue holding the front teeth apart (frenum). There are other reasons why people can have spaces but for Susan small teeth and a frenum created large spaces between her teeth. I thought veneers would help make a beautiful smile.

Susan and I discussed treatment several times. She would come for her six months check ups and time went by. Then on day Susan said she was ready.

The treatment plan.

Susan’s treatment plan included orthodontic treatment to place her incisors in ideal position followed by veneers on her front teeth. It sounds easy but she spent a year with braces. This type of tooth movement cannot be accomplished with Invisilign. I like removing one half millimeter of enamel from the front of the teeth before making veneers. In order to have optimal aesthetics a full millimeter of porcelain is required for veneers. http://drdavidkaplaninscotia.com/what-is-a-veneer/


I started orthodontic treatment in 2009 and as promised finished orthodontic treatment 12 months later. I like being on schedule. In June of 2010 I prepared her four front teeth for veneers. Four weeks later I bonded the veneers in place.

I am happy to report that 9 years later the veneers are intact and she greets the world with a beautiful smile.

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