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This is my assistant Kim and I at the Mission of Mercy at Hudson Valley college

Ouch a tooth ache:

If you are reading this blog and can’t sit still because of a tooth ache get yourself to a Bitindentist, now.

Hot and cold:

If you keep putting cold water on a tooth to control the pain, you have an acute pulpitis.  You may need endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) for that tooth.  Antibiotics may also be needed. See a dentist right away.

Biting Down: If you have pain on the tooth when it is tapped the inflammation went past the tooth and root canal treatment may be needed.  See above.

If you have acute pain, shearing sharp pain, when you bite down a certain way on the tooth there is a good chance you have a fracture in the tooth involving the pulp.  Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment may be needed.  See

If  you can’t sleep at night or Advil doesn’t relieve the pain because of a tooth ache, see above.

Sinus problems: If your upper teeth are achy and you have sinus problems that may be related.   Every year people come to the office with toothaches caused by sinus problems.  This experience is more common than you teeth.

Only vital or live teeth feel cold.  Your dentist may check individual teeth with ice or a cold spray.  Usually sensitivity to cold is good because again it shows the teeth are alive.

If you are stressed out and grinding your teeth they will become cold sensitive.  You  can try to control stress with a variety of techniques but I’ll limit addressing the dental aspects of life.

What’s the good news.

We as dentists are very successful at relieving pain, restoring teeth and getting you to smile again.  Often at our office we can use a dental anesthetic to get you numb as an emergency procedure.  After that we can make room in our schedule to do what ever dental procedure is needed.  At least you can be comfortable and numb till your appointment time.

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