ten years after

New veneers on the four front teeth

Post op ten year later photo

Ten years later

A smile for a lifetime:

Ten years with a perfect smile.  Her smile is as beautiful as the day we placed Empress veneers.  Porcelain veneers are very reliable whether they are placed for aesthetic reasons or for restorative reasons such as a fractured tooth.  Few technologies have come along in dentistry which promised so much and lived up to the promise.  We placed veneers for this young woman because  she has small front teeth with significant spacing.  We were able to close the spaces for her improving her smile. In addition veneers allow you to control the size, color and shape of the teeth.   Veneers are bonded to the enamel of the teeth.  The enamel facing the veneer is etched and the porcelain facing the tooth is also etched. You can check out Empress veneers at https://www.ivoclarvivadent.us/explore/ips-empress-esthetic

I usually bond veneers in place with tooth colored composite or plastic cement.     The bonding cement can mask naturally dark or stained tooth.  This young woman needed veneers on her four front teeth.  If I need to change the whole smile I would consider placing veneers on the maxillary canines and premolars.

Aesthetic Zone:

Every one has an aesthetic zone consisting of  the six upper front teeth. People with broad smiles have a larger esthetic zone including premolars and even molars. When she smiles she shows upper lateral and central incisors, canines and premolars.  Additional considerations in restoring front teeth include the height of the teeth and the gum lines.  She does not show excessive gum tissue  in her smile but that is a factor which we sometimes have to address.

Did you ever hear about ‘No prep veneers’?  Dental laboratories promote no prep veneers to dentists all the time.  The main advantage is for the dentist.  He or she doesn’t have to prepare (drill on)  the teeth.   The disadvantages to not preparing teeth for veneers are more numerous.  The dental laboratory has less room for color and shape corrections if you skip the preparation step.  In addition the tooth surface is rich in fluoride. This fluoride layer is resistant to etching and bonding.

I prefer to prepare teeth for veneers.   The  very best results can be achieved that way. The next step is to take impressions of the teeth.   I prefer to have a dental laboratory make the veneers.  You get to wear temporary between visits.  At the second visit  the final veneers are placed.  Let’s do it right the first time and create a great smile for you!


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