extraction case

Winning smile

Ten years later:

Ten years after orthodontic treatment her smile is even better.    She had a very crowded dentition (our fancy word for teeth). We decided to treat her with first premolar extractions.  There are orthodontists who frown on extractions cases and orthodontists who prefer the flexibility provided by premolar extractions.  Studies that show that neither professional or lay person can tell the difference whether the case is an extraction case or not.  She has ideally positioned teeth.   Note the upper incisors just about touch the lower lip in her smile.  This is the ideal we treat all cases to whether orthodontic or restorative with crowns.   There are other criteria involved in positioning teeth.  Teeth can be moved forward or toward the palate to ideally position the teeth.


What makes a great smile:

Her mid-line ( where the two front teeth meet)  is centered in the mid-line of her face.  When she smiles her upper teeth just touch her lower teeth.  There are no dark corners of her mouth when she smiles.  This ‘dark corners’ bugaboo is a criticism of extraction therapy.    Proper orthodontics and control of the movement and direction of teeth results in a fabulous smile.


We treated Renee in her teenage years. She is off on a great adventure moving to Florida.  We wish her the best of everything there.

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