If you are reading this blog and can’t sit still because of a tooth ache get yourself to a dentist, now. If you keep putting cold water on a tooth to control the pain, you have an acute pulpitis.  You may need endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) for that tooth.  Antibiotics may also be needed… read more →

A Patient’s Guide to Implants   This is a short guide to dental implants. Dentistry has over 30 years experience with the modern dental implant.  Dental implants work. Implant therapy requires a well thought out treatment plan,  patience and financial commitment. The surgeon (in this instance me) can place an implant in an extraction site  the.. read more →

Peg laterals or lateral incisors is a common problem which people like their dentist to address.  Melissa’s lateral incisors (the teeth next to two front teeth)  were very small.  We opted to place crowns on her teeth following orthodontic treatment.   Melissa had orthodontic treatment in our office when she was a teenager.  We placed ‘temporary’.. read more →

Adults Orthodontics in your 40’s can make a new smile for the rest of your life.   Our patient came to our office for many years.  Then one day she said let’s do it.  I want my teeth straight.  Her teeth were very crowded.  You couldn’t see her lateral incisors (those are the teeth next to the.. read more →

Ten years later still smiling.  Her smile is as beautiful as the day we placed Empress veneers.  Porcelain veneers are very reliable whether they are placed for esthetic reasons or for restorative reasons such as a fractured tooth.  Few technologies have come along in dentistry which promised so much and lived up to the promise.  We placed.. read more →

Ten years after orthodontic treatment her smile is even better.    She had a very crowded dentition (our fancy word for teeth). We decided to treat her with first premolar extractions.  There are orthodontists who frown on extractions cases and orthodontists who prefer the flexibility provided by premolar extractions.  Studies that show that neither professional or.. read more →

Slipped on ice.

Our patient slipped on ice on her driveway this winter. It happens.    She arrived in our office with two front teeth broken and a kitchen cloth with some ice cubes to her lip to keep the swelling down. I took pictures when she arrived at the office but I promised not to show it to any one. Although ice is a..

  This great patient is an example of what early orthodontic treatment can do! Who has the worlds best smile? Obviously it has to be the smile that any one has the day the braces or brackets are taken off.  This young gentleman had very crowded teeth.  We started with taking orthodontic records as soon.. read more →

It is never to late for braces.  She always wanted straight teeth.  This photo is from the BIG DAY when we took the braces off.  We gave a big round of  applause to her for her commitment and good sense of humor she brought to the office at each visit.  It takes great commitment to.. read more →

Get your smile interview ready!  It seems like everything is important for interview days and we wish you the best success.   After scouring the net and jobs sites you want to make sure the interview goes well.  In addition many employers have a multi-interview process.  You will be meeting future co-workers, programmers, analysts etc. Making.. read more →