Ouch a tooth ache: If you are reading this blog and can’t sit still because of a tooth ache get yourself to a Bitindentist, now. Hot and cold: If you keep putting cold water on a tooth to control the pain, you have an acute pulpitis.  You may need endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) for.. read more →

Small incisors: Small incisors or peg laterals or lateral incisors is a common problem which people like their dentist to address.  Melissa’s lateral incisors (the teeth next to two front teeth)  were very small.  We opted to place crowns on her teeth following orthodontic treatment.   Melissa had orthodontic treatment in our office when she was.. read more →

Slipped on ice.

A Northeast Winter: Our patient slipped on ice on her driveway this winter. It happens.    She arrived in our office with two front teeth broken and a kitchen cloth with some ice cubes to her lip to keep the swelling down. I took pictures when she arrived at the office but I promised not to show it to any one. Although..

I need a new smile: A new start in life with a new smile. This gentleman came to our office earlier in the  year.  He said he needed some help in the smiling department.  We used an all porcelain pressed ceramic called Empress.  Empress is the premier product for making crowns for the front teeth.  They not.. read more →

The Implant Restoration: Everyone has questions about implants and abutments. Here is how an implant restoration is put together.  This is a laboratory model with an abutment in place.  The abutment is the white piece in between  the teeth.  An abutment connects an implant in the jaw to a crown which is placed on top of.. read more →

Here are a few of my thoughts that you can use as your road map for implants. 1- Implants work.  They take some time, patience, a well thought out treatment plan and finances. http://www.straumann.us/en/patients.html 2-When placing implants in an extraction site plan on bone grafting the site. (more in a separate post) Healing time after.. read more →

It may seem simple when we say we are going to make a crown for you but it is more involved than that.  When I do a crown or other restorative procedure I have to go shopping for you.  Since it is not your area of expertise this is something that I do on your.. read more →

Porcelain veneers and crowns are one way to help  the cosmetic needs of people.   There are many other way to achieve your goals Let’s discuss porcelain veneers.  Veneers or porcelain crowns can correct the shape of individual teeth, create a dazzeling smile and give needed lip support.  We help many patients this way.  When you are.. read more →

How to keep your smile.   Or How to look young. The other day I was listening to NPR on the way to work. There was what felt like a ten minute discussion on how to keep looking young. I don’t remember all the particulars but among them are -or should be: -Don’t smoke cigarettes. Nothing.. read more →

I wish every one having braces can be steady as you go with regular six month appoints for prevention care and never miss an orthodontic treatment visit.  Today a mother and daughter came to the office looking for help to finish the daughters care.  Due to unforseen circumstances, these things happen, there was a year.. read more →