A Patient’s Guide to Implants This is a short guide to dental implants. Dentistry has over 30 years experience with the modern dental implant.  Dental implants work. Implant therapy requires a well thought out treatment plan,  patience and financial commitment. The surgeon (in this instance me) can place an implant in an extraction site  the same.. read more →

The basics: If you’re reading this you probably have dental insurance from your employer.  That’s great news especially if you need some dental care.  Dental insurance is far different from medical insurance.  Most dental insurance policies have a yearly benefit, hence at the end of the year it is a ‘disappearing benefit’.   This means.. read more →

This June the Dental Society of New York  https://nysdental.org/ provided free dental care at Hudson Valley Community College.  The event was organized by the Dental Society of the State of New York and the Mission of Mercy or MOM.  During a Friday and Saturday over a thousand people were provided with free dental care.  No.. read more →

Saving teeth: Not everything is as it seems. What you are looking at is some one who has seen a lot of life and several excellent dentists.  He came to the office with pain on the upper left first molar (you are looking at a mirror image of the teeth).  Part of our job is saving.. read more →

Time to chose a dentist: Choosing a dentist uses the sum total of your intuitive skills.  Realizing the need for dental care is the start of the process.  People check with their friends or coworkers and ask for referrals.  Location plays a roll in most people’s decisions.  You can view the doctor’s web site to.. read more →

Getting fit! It’s  a tough world out there.  You go to the gym and get all pumped up to face the day.  Maybe add some cardio exercise into the routine for fitness.  If you are off to an interview, you wear your best clothes and you look sharp.  We all know that presentation is important. .. read more →

The Hollywood make up people did a fabulous job giving Mike Myers an English 70’s smile in the Austin Powers character.  His movies contain numerous gags concerning the state of English dental health back in the early 70’s.  https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=OzD%2fvtJ3&id=2230AF61A8413E8A5A2CFE994C36485997551EA8&thid=OIP.OzD_vtJ3BseTbO8YNk6FXQEHEs&q=austin++powers&simid=608010926421510278&selectedIndex=4&ajaxhist=0   Mike Myers, himself, has a very natural smile which hasn’t  been redone by Hollywood dentists. You.. read more →

Consultations and solutions. This week a woman came to the office with her adult daughter for a consultation.  After I finished my appointments for the day she was in the reception room waiting for her daughter to make her next appointment.  I went to introduce myself to her. She was pleased that I had done.. read more →

I wish every one having braces can be steady as you go with regular six month appoints for prevention care and never miss an orthodontic treatment visit.  Today a mother and daughter came to the office looking for help to finish the daughters care.  Due to unforseen circumstances, these things happen, there was a year.. read more →

  Getting the job done right. Every one wants to have the job done right no matter what  the project is.  I have heard about programs where some one has their house made over in 24 hours. Neat trick if you can do it. I also heard feed back that the 24 hour make over needed.. read more →