Straight Teeth

First day without braces

Now that the orthodontic treatment is done how do we keep the teeth straight?  Modern day retention focuses on using a bonded wire on the inside of the teeth.  The bonded wire usually runs from canine to canine (6 teeth) or just the incisors (4 teeth).  In conjunction with the bonded wire we recommend clear retainers to wear at night.  These are similar to Invisilign retainers but instead of trying to move teeth we use the clear retainers to keep teeth in their new position.  The clear retainers are often referred to as Essix retainers because the name of the material is Essix.  I usually like to see the lingual bonded retainers stay in place until approximately 21 years old.  If bonded retainers are used in adult orthodontics we keep them as long as possible to help maintain results.

Her chief complaint was that her teeth stuck out.  In dentistry we call this ‘protruded’.   When we take dental records we take models, pictures and a cephalometric x-ray.  It is from the x-ray we are able to measure how far out the front teeth protrude.  We are also able to measure whether it is the upper arch alone, lower arch alone, or both arches protrude.  From there we develop a treatment plan.  For this young woman we determined the upper arch was the culprit.  We used a fixed appliance (GMD for you purists) to push back the upper first molars.  You can check this out at After the first molars were pushed back (distalized) we placed a holding arch for the six year molars and then retracted the upper teeth.

Looks like she is happy!!!!

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