porcelain crowns, slipped on ice

After a slip and fall on ice we made two porcelain crowns to make a perfect smile.

A Northeast Winter:

Our patient slipped on ice on her driveway this winter. It happens.    She arrived in our office with two front teeth broken and a kitchen cloth with some ice cubes to her lip to keep the swelling down. I took pictures when she arrived at the office but I promised not to show it to any one. Although ice is a major culprit of broken teeth for adults injuries to front teeth usually occurs in 6-9 year olds.  Playground injuries, bicycle injuries and sports injuries are other culprits.  Usually as children grow older the chin starts being the place of impact and not the front teeth.

So what is the treatment sequence for this true dental emergency?

The x-ray exam showed extent of the injury.  Separate x-rays of the lips demonstrated nothing was lodged in her lips.

The x-ray showed the right front tooth was fractured into the pulp.   The left front tooth slightly was pushed inward from the injury.  Both teeth required endodontic or root canal treatment that day.  We went ahead and did the root canal treatment and built up the front teeth with composites so she could go home.http://drdavidkaplaninscotia.com/a-new-bridge-make-a-new-smile/

We waited 4 weeks to allow tissue to heal before going ahead and making porcelain crowns for the two teeth.

Her Smile is Back:

We took this picture 8 weeks following the accident with the new porcelain crowns in place.  Our laboratory made porcelain E-max crowns.   E-max provide the best esthetics in dentistry. You can see from the picture how pleased she is.  Check out E-max technology at https://www.makeitemax.com/

The best porcelain aesthetics are obtain with something called Lucite porcelain, know as E-Max.  E-Max makes a beautiful crown because it not only matches tooth color well but by being a bit translucent E-Max crowns grab color from the adjacent teeth.  Natural teeth are translucent and E-Max has the same translucent properties.  Together they create a fabulous match.  E-max isn’t used on back teeth because back teeth generate forces greater than E-max can withstand.

You can check out further detains on cosmetic dentistry at www.aacd.com.

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