Periodontal Therapy

Modern periodontal therapy can be thought of as two separate branches.  The first is periodontal or gum therapy that makes your smile look better.  If you have a gummy smile with seemingly short teeth you may be surprised that your gums have been hiding your teeth all these years.  Cosmetic periodontal therapy restore normal gum contours  around the teeth.  The reverse is true too.  Often roots of teeth are exposed and people seem to think that it is an irreversible situation.    In many instances gums can be reattached or grow on roots.  This can certainly make your teeth feel more comfortable and youthful looking.

The other branch of periodontal therapy often addresses bone and tissue loss associated with disease.  Advances in laser treatment, growth factors, grafting, and other modalities focus on bone growth, tissue attachment.

Our goal is always to use the latest, proven techniques to make you healthy and look good.