crowns verses implants

This picture shows a crown on a premolar, a crown on the second premolar and a crown on the first molar

Saving teeth:

Not everything is as it seems. What you are looking at is some one who has seen a lot of life and several excellent dentists.  He came to the office with pain on the upper left first molar (you are looking at a mirror image of the teeth).  Part of our job is saving molars. First molars are large teeth with three roots. They are well anchored in the upper arch and help form our facial appearance.

Treatment choices:

Only one of the roots of this first molar was failing.  We discussed several treatment options.   The first option was to  extract the tooth and place an implant..  He was familiar with implant therapy because the premolar in front of the molar is a crown on top of an implant.  The implant and crown are an impressive result.  But he wanted to see if we could save the tooth and avoid the extended time spent placing and restoring the implant. What we did here was extract one of the roots and restore the remaining tooth with a crown.  This can often be done with large multi-rooted teeth. This is every day dentistry in our office. We listen and help people achieve their goals. We would be glad to help achieve your goals. Give us a call at 518-374-0496.

You can check out implants for single teeth at .

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