E max crowns

We restored Melissa’s smile with esthetic crowns n her peg laterals

Small incisors:

Small incisors or peg laterals or lateral incisors is a common problem which people like their dentist to address.  Melissa’s lateral incisors (the teeth next to two front teeth)  were very small.  We opted to place crowns on her teeth following orthodontic treatment.   Melissa had orthodontic treatment in our office when she was a teenager.  We placed ‘temporary’ veneers on the teeth when she was 13.  One usually has to wait till the  later teens or early twenties to place the final crowns or veneers. http://drdavidkaplaninscotia.com/a-porcelain-crown-creates-a-great-smile/

Veneers and crowns

We used all porcelain crowns for Melissa.  In this instance we used E-Max all porcelain crowns.  E-max crowns are bonded in placed.  Bonding a crown may not mean that much to you at first, but let me explain.    When an all porcelain crown in bonded in place light will first pass though the porcelain, bonding, tooth and even bounce back though all the layers.  This mimics a natural tooth.   If a crown has metal underneath or cement the light will stop at those materials.   A bonded E-Max crown will look like a natural tooth. You can get more information at https://www.makeitemax.com/

If you are considering bleaching your teeth you should bleach your teeth before considering veneers or all porcelain crowns.  We have shade guides to match bleached teeth.  To ensure the best color match we take pictures of your teeth with the appropriate shade guide.  This way the laboratory can make the best crown possible for you.

Give us a call at 518-374-0496.  I will be glad to have a short consult with you to discuss how you would like your new smile to look like.

2 Responses to Small incisors
  1. If I already have a crown, can you bleach my teeth?

    • Alas, bleaching crowns doesn’t work. Natural teeth are porous and respond to bleaching. Porcelain isn’t porous. What you see on the first day with your new crown is what you will have years later.


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