Smile , post orthodontic treatment

Showing his new smile after we took the braces off.


This great patient is an example of what early orthodontic treatment can do!

Who has the worlds best smile? Obviously , for a teenager it is when orthodontics is over and the brackets come off.  This young gentleman had very crowded teeth.  We started with taking orthodontic records as soon as the crowding problem became evident.  Orthodontic records include models, a cephalometric x-ray, a panoramic x-ray image and digital photographs.  After consulting with his parents we decided on a  non-extraction treatment plan.  To gain enough space we used and expansion appliance for his upper teeth.  We expanded his upper arch using an appliance that his parents activated at night.  Sometimes you may hear the words Haas or Hyrax appliance.  After two months active treatment we allowed 4 months passive treatment (just keeping the appliance in place) so the bone can grow and hold the correction.  He wore braces for approximately 18 months.  He has a retainer in place but you can’t see it in the picture because it is on the inside of his upper teeth.

What are the keys to getting great results?

First is early diagnosis and treatment planning.  Diagnosis should include a panoramic x-ray.  Any time teeth are crowded or teeth don’t erupt within the normal eruption sequence a panoramic x-ray should be taken.  Expansion treatment works well with adolescents.  He was on the path to having upper impacted canines.  Upper or maxillary impacted canines occur frequently and are often overlooked by general dentists and even sometimes by orthodontics.  If he came to the office as a 13 or 14 year old we would most likely be looking at an extraction treatment plan.  Treatment for impacted canines often includes surgery to place brackets on the canines.  Early start to orthodontic treatment can avoid the need for the surgery and avoid the expense involved. But the smile says it all.  He is one happy guy.

For more on non-extraction orthodontic treatment check out  It may be too technical but  you can bring your questions to us.


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