In scrubs

My assistant Kim and myself at the MOM event

This June the Dental Society of New York provided free dental care at Hudson Valley Community College.  The event was organized by the Dental Society of the State of New York and the Mission of Mercy or MOM.

During a Friday and Saturday over a thousand people were provided with free dental care.  No questions asked about income, every one was welcomed and provided with dental care.  There were several specialties represented including oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, root specialists and general dentists who provided restorative care.  My assistant Kim worked with an oral surgeon on Friday.  The oral surgeons provided complete care including wisdom teeth extractions.  I manned the anesthesia station.  The event was organized so people were escorted first to initial examination table, then a x-ray clinic and then for a consult to determine how best to use the clinic that morning.  After that they were escorted to the anesthesia station where myself and about 10 other dentists got people numb so they can proceed with their treatment.  It was one of the best days I spent helping people because many of these people had postponed dentistry for one reason or another.  The Mission of Mercy conducts these events through out the country during the course of the year.

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