Invisible braces

We are finished. Straight teeth using Invisilign

We do invisible braces.

The trade name for this technology Invisilign or invisible braces. This is an option for adults who are highly motivated and want to improve their smile.  Traditional braces are bonded to teeth and then the forces for movement are provided by high tech titanium wires or by bending stainless steel wires.  With Invisilign or Clear Correct the dentist takes an impression of the teeth, the models are laser scanned and then a sequence of plastic trays are made, each tray moving the teeth to the final goal.  It works but the technology is only as good as patient compliance is.  In addition we may make certain teeth smaller or add small buttons of tooth colored composite to help engage the plastic trays.

Where to start:

Proper diagnosis and supervision of a case in vital.  Be leery of  ‘home treatments’ where you take your own impressions and use a mail order house.  Every orthodontist and general dentist practicing orthodontics evaluates periodontal or gum support of the teeth before starting a case.  It is possible to push the teeth into a beautiful smile but loos bone and gum support along the way.  Get expert advise for doing orthodontic treatment.

You can check out Invisilign at or Clear Correct at

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