matching front teeth
She has a beautiful smile. We used a bonded porcelain crown on the right front tooth to match the left

Natural aesthetics with Porcelain is a winner.

When this lovely woman fractured her right front tooth. We needed more than a composite filling to fix her smile. Therefore we decided to use a bonded porcelain restoration Bonded porcelain provides the ideal opportunity to transition to a superior aesthetic restoration. Bonded porcelain by itself has superior aesthetics. In addition it transitions color from the adjacent teeth blending the teeth together for a natural smile.

How we make a crown compliment a beautiful smile.

First we take pictures. Lots of pictures. With pictures we can communicate to our dental laboratory what your teeth look like. We also use shade guides with your natural teeth when taking pictures. This allows us to communicate what a known porcelain looks like with your natural teeth.

Bonding your crown in place.

We bond your new crown in place with acrylic agents verses traditional dental cements. Acrylic bonding allows the light to pass not only though the porcelain but also your tooth. The new bonded crown will allow light to pass through all the layers of tooth and porcelain just like a natural tooth, hence fabulous aesthetics.

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