Wants a better smile

Our patient is missing a lateral incisor

implant and crown

Five year later she is still smiling

Picture perfect

Following orthodontics and implant was placed and restored with a crown

Using  combination of orthodontics and implants  we restored the missing lateral incisor to her her smile.   She now has the right number of front teeth.  The first picture shows her missing a front tooth with the canine drifted forward.  We used orthodontics to move the canine to it’s proper position and then placed an implant and crown.  The picture with her hair pulled back is a five year follow up picture.  http://drdavidkaplaninscotia.com/its-implant-time/

When treatment planning for esthetics the goal is to have six upper and lower front teeth.  In addition we look to have the midline of the face centered with the midline of the teeth or where the two central incisors meet.  This was the challenge for this young lady.  She had a missing lateral incisor.  Canines often drift forward to fill the lateral incisor.  In this instance we took some time to make room for the lateral incisor  before placing an implant.

In general adult teeth do not move as quickly as teenagers teeth.  Moving a canine is a challenge in any orthodontic treatment plan because the root is so long.  It isn’t enough to have the crown of the tooth in the correct position but you also have to make sure the root is upright.  This is important because you need room between the teeth for the implant.  A 4.5 mm wide implant requires a total of 8.5 mm of room.

Newer implants improved implants are always coming on the market.  I wrote this blog two years ago  and you can see new implants from Straumann at this site.   http://www.straumann.us/en/professionals/products-and-solutions/surgical-and-restorative-solutions/implants/bone-level-tapered-implants-29.html

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