Austin Powers in Drag

He isn’t Austin Powers but you get the idea

The Hollywood  did a fabulous job giving Mike Myers an English 70’s smile.  The smile was part of  the Austin Powers character.  Mike Myers movies contain numerous gags concerning the state of English dental health back in the early 70’s.

Mike Myers, himself, has a very natural smile.

You can easily spot a full mouth of crowns.   Think of former Vice President Biden’s smile.  Americans put a high priority on having a winning smile.  The British actor Edward Fox who played the Jackal in the Day of the Jackal has a fractured front tooth.  He had a distinguished career in acting never correcting the fractured front tooth.

I don’t know the  British don’t appreciate good smiles.  Myers displayed the fractured tooth though out his movie career.  If you feel your smile isn’t an asset and is holding you from career advancement give us a call at 518–374-0496.  If you choose to face the camera’s with Austin Power’s smile, the best of luck to you.  Just remember when Mike writes the script he chooses the outcome.

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