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Loosing a tooth

Losing a tooth as an adult is distressing.  Most of the times tooth loss is associated with dental decay, periodontal disease or trauma of some sort.  In this instance the tooth was lost due to something called root resorption.  We usually don’t know why this process occurs but essentially it is when the root is eaten away by the immune cells or bone cells of the body.  Once it starts happening there is usually nothing that can stop it.  The x-ray on the left shows a round spot in the middle of the tooth.  The root is being eaten away by bone cells starting from the outside and working toward the middle of the tooth.  The prognosis for keeping the tooth was poor.

Implant solution

In this instance we extracted the root and waited three months for the bone to heal.  New treatment protocol calls for using a bone graft when we extract a tooth.  I placed the implant and restored it thee months later after healing.  This type of implant is called a root form implant because it mimics the shape of a root.  We  placed over four years ago and it still looks perfect.

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