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This morning we are placing an implant to replace a missing tooth

Hi every one. It’s implant time.

Meet my assistant Kim and my patient Mr. Nice Guy and he really is.

This is the big morning when I am going to place an implant for Mr. Nice Guy. The first thing we do when we place implants or start any other procedure is to review what we will be doing that day. Then I give Mr. Nice Guy and opportunity to ask questions, we chit chat for a few minutes then we start the procedure.

What else is in the picture that you may or may not see? Behind Kim are all the sterile packs which we will use for the procedure. There is a computer monitor behind Kim which isn’t involved in the procedure. Our patient isn’t numb yet so he can still smile. Kim and I haven’t scrubbed up yet. We will be using sterile surgical gloves for the morning after our surgical scrub. There is a sterile saline bag behind Kim which we will use for the procedure. The implant drills and torque drivers are not in the picture.

Mr. Nice Guy had the tooth extracted several months ago. I grafted the extraction site with bone. You can check out the material we use at Straumann. When we do this we get a good block of bone to place the implant in. I use Keystone Genesis implants for my patients. Keystone is an innovative company in the implant field.

x-ray of implant
This is an x-ray taken at the end of the implant placement visit.

Here we are at the end of the visit. The implant is in place. We will allow 3 months to let the implant integrate and then restore the implant with a crown.

Any questions?

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