orthodontic treatment

First day without braces

She said its time:

It is never to late for braces.  She always wanted straight teeth.  This photo is from the BIG DAY when we took the braces off.  We gave a big round of  applause to her for her commitment and good sense of humor she brought to the office at each visit.  It takes great commitment to do orthodontics as an adult.  Every one asks about Invislign but in this instance her needs far surpassed Invislign’s ability to deliver a successful result.  So the questions is how do you get a great result for an adult in the shortest amount of time.


In this instance we used a combination of straightening the teeth, correcting a deep bite and made some teeth smaller.

What! You made some teeth smaller?

Yes, careful and judicious use of diamond metal strips we were able to make some of the teeth small, correct rotations as needed, and make some room for the teeth to move.

How we did it:

It takes experience to do this.  One has to do just the right amount. Anesthetics  are not required to make the teeth smaller.  Each visit, when needed, we made selected teeth smaller, adjusted the braces accordingly and made the next 6 week appointment.  Why six weeks.  There isn’t anything magical about six weeks.  Some techniques require four week appointments and some eight week appointments.  It more has to do with the mechanics being used.  If the light forces used to move teeth fatigue then either wires or elastics need to be refreshed.

Sometimes following orthodontics people have the front teeth restored with crowns or veneers for a fabulous smile.



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