dental implants

x-ray of two implants

Dental implants

What are dental implants?  Implants are a tapered piece of titanium allow  screwed into a prepared site in the upper or lower jaw.  There is usually a screw hole on top of the implant or a place for a compression fitting to add an abutment to restore the implant with a crown.  There are two implants from Nobelbiocare on the right side of the picture.  The roots of the molar were extracted.  Nobelbiocare link is

What is an implant abutment?  The abutment is usually the connector between the implant and crown.

What is all this talk about implant surfaces?  Bone grows right up to the implant surface.  Over the past 20 years manufacturers have improved surfaces so the body heals quickly to the surface and the implant can be placed in use after a shorter healing period.

Technical stuff:

What is one stage surgery? Two stage surgery? Immediate function?  One stage surgery refers to the placing of the implant with a healing cap.  The top of the healing cap is exposed.  This works but there are circumstances when it is to be avoided. Two stage surgery means the implant is placed but covered with your gum tissue.  At a second surgery the implant is uncovered and a healing cap is placed.  The tissue is allowed to heal before restoring with a crown.  Immediate function means the implant is placed and it is restored with a temporary crown that day.  This is usually done when aesthetics are important, such as a front tooth fractures beyond repair and a replacement is needed immediately.

Here is a short list of implant manufacturers you can check out.  Most have a patient portion to their website.

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