Implant replaces central incisor

One implant restores a smile

This is an amazing example of what implant dentistry can do for some one.  This gentleman came to the office three years ago with his front tooth fractured off.  One complicating factor was that he always had a space between his front teeth.  One can’t fill up spaces in any old fashion.  The teeth would look too big.  There were many technical factors to address in restoring his smile.  They go way beyond an implant blog.  But we were able to place an implant and restore it.  We matched the adjacent tooth for color and size and the result is very natural.  He was in the office last week and he is very pleased with the result.

What factors make for successful implant dentistry.

Being a non-smoker is a good start.  When you smoke and inhale 140 degree smoke past a surgical site you create a poor healing situation.

Treat periodontal disease first.   Getting your teeth clean above and below the gum line reduces the bad (pathogens) bacteria and changes the bacterial mix to the good bacteria (gram positives instead of gram negatives).

Check the height and width of the bone.  Some times this can be done with a simple x-ray and exam.  When there is a question of available bone to hold the implant we have patients get what is called a cone beam x-ray.  This gives a three dimension view of how much bone is available and what implant we should use.

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