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Handsome smile with the help of an implant supported crown.

And I need one now!

This request, ‘I need a implant or a crown or a veneer’ is often the first question a person asks when first contacting out office. Unfortunately we can’t see the person over the phone line.   We try to avoid diagnoising over the phone.  There is no way to know if the  patient’s request is exactly the treatment solution for the patient.


To get a handle on the treatment planning proper diagnosis is required first.  The appropriate x-ray exam will let us know if the bone is adequate for an implant or the tooth sound enough for a crown.  One must not only have enough bone but the bone must be ample enough to allow an implant to emerge supporting a crown.  There must be enough tooth structure to support a crown or a veneer.

Time to listen:

The best way to understand a patient’s request is to meet with him or her first.  It is my opportunity to interview you as far as wants and needs.  This is also an opportune time for you to ask me your questions to see if I measure up to your standards.  New patient consults are followed with proper diagnosis and treatment planning. This way we can address your dental requests in proper order with the best results possible. This also happens to be an efficient way to get the most out of your dental dollar.
So the true question may be ‘I need information about how best to improve your dental health, can you help me?’.
We can help you with that.  Call 518-374-0496.

Dr. Kaplan

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