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Get your smile interview ready!  It seems like everything is important for interview days and we wish you the best success.   After scouring the net and jobs sites you want to make sure the interview goes well.  In addition many employers have a multi-interview process.  You will be meeting future co-workers, programmers, analysts etc. Making a first impression is important.  Or as my daughter says looking at some ones smile acts a proxy about how they take care of themselves.

Here are hints or suggestions about how to get interview ready and how to best present yourself.

First, stay away from onions, garlic and their relatives.  Contrary to what you may think the aromatic molecules from those savory food are exhaled from inside your lungs!  Brushing and toothpaste can only do so much to cover up those aromas.

Get your teeth professionally cleaned and polished.  The Austin Powers look is no longer in.

If you need some dentistry done start by addressing the needs of the front teeth first.  We are after presentation after all.  One can follow up restoring the back teeth when you get the new job.  If the cost of veneers or crowns are not in the budget ask if the dentist can restore your smile with composites.


Yes, bleaching does work.  Make sure your teeth are in good condition first before bleaching. Most methods work.  Over the counter methods work if you stay with it and get the wear time needed for the agent to work.

We suggest products by Ultradent.

There are also other options but they require planning in advance.  You can use invisible braces, Invisalign, lingual braces (they are placed on the inside of the teeth) or removable appliances to get your teeth straight.

Veneers are an advanced technique to correct many esthetic problems.  They offer quicker results with more control over color and tooth shape.

By the way, we did orthodontic treatment using Tip-Edge brackets when this women was a she was a teen ager.  She is now an adult in the ‘real world’ with a beautiful smile.

Good luck and let us know if we can help you.

Call us at 518-374-0496.  Ask for Diana or Maureen.

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