periodontal recession

A gum or gingival problem can happen to anyone

gum recession

Exposed roots and gum recession in the lower anterior teeth

periodontal graft

Four months following surgery the gums look perfect around her lower teeth

Our patient unexpectedly developed exposed roots.   It can happen to any one.  She has meticulous dental hygiene and I know for certain she sees the hygienist every six months because she grew up in our practice.

None the less this problem of exposed roots and inflamed tissue developed.  For some people they have minimal gingival tissue to keep the gums healthy around the teeth.  Other people have large bands of pink tissue around the teeth and are more resistant to this happening.

There was the additional challenge at the time when we were treating her in that we had to do surgery when she came home from Florida to visit her family.

We now have all sorts of techniques and material to help restore gum tissue around teeth.  In this instance we used a graft material called Alloderm and tissue activator called Emdogain  Both these are very high tech material that are available to us to restore gum tissue around teeth.  The procedure in done in our dental office, so there is no need as in this instance of going to a specialist.  Plus are patient is very determined young woman and she said she wasn’t going anywhere else for the treatment.  It is very rewarding for us to see her with a great smile.  In addition to seeing her grow up in the office we also provided her orthodontic care too.

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