Smiling patient at the end of treatment
Every day dentistry keep her smile beautiful

Three cheers for our lovely patient

Not every one needs implant and other types of advanced dentistry. Some people come to the office needing every day dentistry. These days we can keep peoples smiles intact, restore back teeth and even heal teeth that are abscessed. Our goal to is restore teeth and then to maintain excellent dental health.

What does every day dentistry look like.

Our patient here has a beautiful although I did do some composite fillings for her front teeth. No one likes cavities or dark spots in their front teeth. When you com to our office we do a comprehensive examination of the teeth and gums. We discovered that two back teeth were abscessed and were broken. Her treatment plan included doing endodontic treatment or root canals on her back teeth followed by restoring the teeth with crowns.

Keeping teeth.

I mentioned that she had two abscessed teeth. Both teeth had a good prognosis providing that I did root canals on them. Saving teeth with root canals are now every day dentistry. Following the root canal treatment prepared both teeth for crowns. I usually place an all porcelain crown on teeth like these. All porcelain crowns or Zirconia crowns are both strong and aesthetic.

Now that treatment is complete we see our patient every six months for a hygiene appointment. The goal now is to keep every thing looking good.

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