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Better dental health aids in controlling diabetes side effects

We have a new paradigm between dental health and diabetes

For many years the paradigm between dental health and diabetes was centered on doing dentistry on diabetics. Generations of dentists were taught to provide dental treatment and avoid diabetic complications. We were thinking of dental treatment first and diabetes management second.

It’s a different world now. Dentistry’s in now focused to improving overall diabetic health by improving oral health. Dental disease is typified by chronic low level infection. Periodontal disease fits this description best. Abscessed teeth are a chronic low level infections. Occasionally abscessed cause acute pain. These chronic low level diseases or pathology profoundly effects diabetes. Low level inflammation diseases release inflammatory proteins and mediators into the blood stream. These proteins directly effect diabetics maintaining their A1C goal and the capillaries around the body.

I am going to do a very very short review of how diabetes progresses. Diabetes effects capillaries. Capillaries are very small blood vessels. Capillaries are present in retina, kidneys, gums and toes. Those with diabetes know that these are organs effected most by diabetes. Inflammation products from gums and tooth disease are transported though our blood vessels then capillaries. Okay, enough biology and pathology.

Dentists and hygienists can improve you health by getting your teeth cleaned. The recommendation for diabetics to get their teeth cleaned professionally six (yes 6) times a year. Treating all active tooth and gums infections will aid in controlling your A1C and tame your diabetes.

You can read the American Dental Association position paper on diabetes at

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