A very special lecturer.

Dr Anne Koch and Dr David Kaplan
Dr Koch and myself at a meeting

I’m with Dr. Anne Koch at a continuing education lecture. She is a foremost lecturer about endodontics or root canals. For instance, her lists of accomplishments include several patents and new instruments. Dr. Koch lectures around the world from Japan to Europe. Her passion is teaching general dentists. As a result general dentists can perform root canals easier quicker. For instance this adds up to more comfortable dentistry. This is a win for both patient and dentist. https://realworldendo.com/


My passion.

Firstly I endeavor to achieve the best I can with an active continuing education program. Using new techniques and therapies I can bring the best to my patients. Secondly, in addition to endodontics, implant therapy is now a large portion of my practice. Every year I attend advanced education seminars on implant therapy, root canals and cosmetic dentistry. Thirdly, I love bringing the best in dentistry to my patients. As a result of continuing education, we are at the forefront of dentistry. http://www.theicite.com/

A Reunion.

Dr. Koch mentioned that she was a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine Class of 1977. This was also my graduating class. Of course after many years it took a while to recognize each other. I spoke with her at length at the end of the lecture. As you can see we had a mini reunion. It turned into a great day and a terrific lecture. I enjoyed meeting up with my classmate .https://www.dental.upenn.edu/

In the future.

Every year I go to the New England States meeting for continuing education with several staff members. Continuing education for staff members is just as important as my education. Most noteworthy many manufacturers have booths at the meeting helping introduce new materials and equipment. And Dr Koch will be a continuing education lecturer there. In conclusion education keeps our dentistry modern and sharp.https://www.yankeedental.com/

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