A short discussion on how composites can repair front teeth
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Making two front teeth match with porcelain crowns. read more →

Small incisors: Small incisors or peg laterals or lateral incisors is a common problem which people like their dentist to address.  Melissa’s lateral incisors (the teeth next to two front teeth)  were very small.  We opted to place crowns on her teeth following orthodontic treatment.   Melissa had orthodontic treatment in our office when she was.. read more →

A smile for a lifetime: Ten years with a perfect smile.  Her smile is as beautiful as the day we placed Empress veneers.  Porcelain veneers are very reliable whether they are placed for aesthetic reasons or for restorative reasons such as a fractured tooth.  Few technologies have come along in dentistry which promised so much and lived.. read more →

I need a new smile: A new start in life with a new smile. This gentleman came to our office earlier in the  year.  He said he needed some help in the smiling department.  We used an all porcelain pressed ceramic called Empress.  Empress is the premier product for making crowns for the front teeth. .. read more →

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns: How do we make beautiful smiles. Let’s discuss porcelain veneers.  Veneers or porcelain crowns can correct the shape of individual teeth, create a dazzling smile and give needed lip support.  We help many patients this way.  Come to our  office. I can show you how to make your smile great using extensive.. read more →

Keep your smile and look young: The other day I was listening to NPR talk about aesthics on the way to work. There was what felt like a ten minute discussion on aesthetics how to keep looking young. I don’t remember all the particulars but among them are -or should be: -Don’t smoke cigarettes. Nothing ages.. read more →