Small incisors: Small incisors or peg laterals or lateral incisors is a common problem which people like their dentist to address.  Melissa’s lateral incisors (the teeth next to two front teeth)  were very small.  We opted to place crowns on her teeth following orthodontic treatment.   Melissa had orthodontic treatment in our office when she was.. read more →

Adult orthodontics: Adults Orthodontics in your 40’s can make a new smile for the rest of your life.   Our patient came to our office for many years.  Then one day she said let’s do it.  I want my teeth straight.  Her teeth were very crowded.  You couldn’t see her lateral incisors (those are the teeth next.. read more →

Ten years later: Ten years after orthodontic treatment her smile is even better.    She had a very crowded dentition (our fancy word for teeth). We decided to treat her with first premolar extractions.  There are orthodontists who frown on extractions cases and orthodontists who prefer the flexibility provided by premolar extractions.  Studies that show that.. read more →

  This great patient is an example of what early orthodontic treatment can do! Who has the worlds best smile? Obviously , for a teenager it is when orthodontics is over and the brackets come off.  This young gentleman had very crowded teeth.  We started with taking orthodontic records as soon as the crowding problem.. read more →

She said its time: It is never to late for braces.  She always wanted straight teeth.  This photo is from the BIG DAY when we took the braces off.  We gave a big round of  applause to her for her commitment and good sense of humor she brought to the office at each visit.  It.. read more →

Early orthodontic help: This young gentleman is twelve years old.  For most boys the starting age of orthodontic treatment is 13 years old when the last baby teeth are lost and the adult premolars erupt.  Dentally he is ahead of the game because his adult teeth are getting ready to erupt.  We notice on his.. read more →

The making of a great smile: This star soft ball league pitcher has a confident smile.  Cassie was coming to our office, as you can see, since she was a kid. As she was getting older in what marketers call the ‘tween’ years or between ten and twelve we notice that she was on the.. read more →

Start to finish Everyone look, no braces. This was the big day for this 13 year old.  No braces!  We just took her orthodontic brackets off her teeth.  We were able to help her have a great smile with timely intervention.  We started her treatment when she was 11 years old.  Her teeth were crowded.. read more →

Now that the orthodontic treatment is done how do we keep the teeth straight?  Modern day retention focuses on using a bonded wire on the inside of the teeth.  The bonded wire usually runs from canine to canine (6 teeth) or just the incisors (4 teeth).  In conjunction with the bonded wire we recommend clear retainers.. read more →

  Growing up with junior: Moms and Dads are always concerned about their child’s thumb sucking habits.  I am not going to get into the origin of why some children suck their thumbs controversy.  It’s complicated.  I usually encourage kids not to suck their thumbs or fingers.  One has to choose one’s battles wisely and.. read more →