Hi every one, First I hope you and your loved ones are well. These trying time came unexpectedly on us and I think every one has a little cabin fever, a desire to see old friends and visit our favorite restaurants. Govenor Cuomo surprised us last Sunday night with the announcement that dentists can open.. read more →

Hi everyone. We updated our office with a new office counter Plexiglass screen. During this intermission caused by the Covid 19 virus we are reviewing all procedures in the office including front desk check out and check in procedures. This is a quick post. Hope to see you all soon. Dr K read more →

Hi every one. This is a quick update about the office and Covid 19. The New York State Department of Health requests that we only see emergencies till the end of April. We don’t want any one staying at home overdosing on Advil because they don’t think they can come to the office. We will.. read more →

Three cheers for our lovely patient Not every one needs implant and other types of advanced dentistry. Some people come to the office needing every day dentistry. These days we can keep peoples smiles intact, restore back teeth and even heal teeth that are abscessed. Our goal to is restore teeth and then to maintain.. read more →

A short discussion on how composites can repair front teeth
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A discussion about natural aesthetics and porcelain read more →

Our Patient in 2001 How do veneers create beautiful smiles. Susan came to my office in November of 2001. Susan (that’s not her name) had large spaces between her front teeth. Spaces are caused by the teeth being too small or by tissue holding the front teeth apart (frenum). There are other reasons why people.. read more →

I made a Maryland bridge and helped restore a young women’s smile read more →

Continuing education: Every year the office participates in continuing education. We attend different conferences, lectures and study clubs. In January we attended the Yankee Dental Meeting in Boston. The six New England Dental Societies host the dental convention. There are programs for dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and office managers. For instance the programs include aesthetics,.. read more →

Implant therapy a its’ best read more →