Continuing education lecture on root canals
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I made a Maryland bridge and helped restore a young women’s smile read more →

A Patient’s Guide to Implants This is a short guide to dental implants. Dentistry has over 30 years experience with the modern dental implant.  Dental implants work. Implant therapy requires a well thought out treatment plan,  patience and financial commitment. The surgeon (in this instance me) can place an implant in an extraction site  the same.. read more →

Saving teeth: Not everything is as it seems. What you are looking at is some one who has seen a lot of life and several excellent dentists.  He came to the office with pain on the upper left first molar (you are looking at a mirror image of the teeth).  Part of our job is saving.. read more →

Loosing a tooth Losing a tooth as an adult is distressing.  Most of the times tooth loss is associated with dental decay, periodontal disease or trauma of some sort.  In this instance the tooth was lost due to something called root resorption.  We usually don’t know why this process occurs but essentially it is when.. read more →

Using  combination of orthodontics and implants  we restored the missing lateral incisor to her her smile.   She now has the right number of front teeth.  The first picture shows her missing a front tooth with the canine drifted forward.  We used orthodontics to move the canine to it’s proper position and then placed an implant and crown.  The.. read more →

This is an amazing example of what implant dentistry can do for some one.  This gentleman came to the office three years ago with his front tooth fractured off.  One complicating factor was that he always had a space between his front teeth.  One can’t fill up spaces in any old fashion.  The teeth would.. read more →

Dental implants What are dental implants?  Implants are a tapered piece of titanium allow  screwed into a prepared site in the upper or lower jaw.  There is usually a screw hole on top of the implant or a place for a compression fitting to add an abutment to restore the implant with a crown.  There.. read more →

Carol leads an active life.  Wearing a denture doesn’t slow her down.  That is because the denture is supported by implants.  Every weekend she goes square dancing.  She was once featured in her local newspaper for her participation in a 5 k race.  One of her secrets to her active life is an implant supported.. read more →

Should I get a dental implant? Every one wants to know the best solution for their tooth problem.  Can my tooth be restored? Is it time for me to have an implant?    How do I decide the balance between restoring and implants?  Teeth with intact roots and at  some tooth above the gums can.. read more →