Bite wing x-rays is a hot search item.  I am not sure why but let me explain what they are.  A bite wing x-ray is taken to look at the crowns of teeth to check for dental decay.  Sometimes the whole root of the tooth is on the x-ray which allows us to check for.. read more →

Decisions about our dental health some times come early in life for some perople. Sometimes it a simple one like don’t eat a 5 inch lolly pop. That’s an easy one. Some decisions are harder to make. Who to go to for my dental checkups? The list goes on and on as one has to decide what.. read more →

There is nothing worse than a tooth ache.  Oh, I hear that several times a month, and you have my sympathy. So where does one start if you have a tooth ache? Proper diagnosis is essential to accurately treat the source of your pain.  I understand that many people would love to for me to.. read more →

I can’t tell  which tooth hurts. Most tooth aches are straight forward to diagnose.  One either has broken a tooth and the problem is self evident.  Occasionally one knows exactly which tooth is it and you can point to the offending tooth.  X-rays examination can lead to a definitive diagnosis of the source of the.. read more →