A short discussion on how composites can repair front teeth
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Discussion about dentistry and diabetes read more →

Success with implants is  predictable. I know you may be looking at the x-ray and thinking  ‘What is that?’.   You may not be familiar with implants.  So let me take a few moments to explain. About thirty five years ago a researcher in Sweden, Dr. Ingmar Branemark, discovered that when he used a titanium cylinder in his research subjects (dogs) .. read more →

Smiles for Success! Get your smile interview ready!  It seems like everything is important for interview days and we wish you the best success.   After scouring the net and jobs sites you want to make sure the interview goes well.  In addition many employers have a multi-interview process.  You will be meeting future co-workers, programmers,.. read more →

Saving teeth: Not everything is as it seems. What you are looking at is some one who has seen a lot of life and several excellent dentists.  He came to the office with pain on the upper left first molar (you are looking at a mirror image of the teeth).  Part of our job is saving.. read more →

The diagnosis: Dental x-rays are important in the diagnosis of impacted canines.  The panoramic x-ray, shown here, is the most  powerful tool to screen patient for impacted teeth.   Everyone involved in dentistry over the past generation implemented improvements to reduce radiation and improve x-ray images. Impacted canine: Here we have a digital panoramic x-ray taken of a.. read more →

How do I keep my teeth? That is the question that every dentist wants to hear.  Suppose you have a cavity in a tooth.  You know one of those brown holes in your teeth.  One day the tooth sends you a message.  Teeth only send one kind of message PAIN.  Or perhaps you have a.. read more →

What to do when you have a toothache? You can avoid Cactus Row but some times a toothache can come on so suddenly there is no avoiding it.  The first thing one should do is get out of denial and call either our office or the office of your choice.  We see patients in pain.. read more →

A few ideas to a better smile: Don’t smoke: This is  the big one.  Smoking not only stains teeth but causes untold periodontal problems. Get regular cleaning and check ups: Clean teeth are attractive, complete your smile and add radiance to your appearance.  Catch problems early before they grow into big problems. Fix the back.. read more →

In the beginning: What to do first? Where does one start? Are you in pain? Are you embarressed by your smile? Do you need more teeth to chew with? Every one comes to the office with something in mind that they want to improve on or get relief from. Every one start by picking up a phone.. read more →