I placed composites on broken front teeth 14 years ago. Time for a freshen up/


Bonding is essential for aesthetic dentistry. Here are her new restorations and they are completely natural.

What is Bonding:

Bonding is the term for restoring teeth with a composite resin.   The process consists of etching  a tooth and then adding an  acrylic ‘bond’ to the enamel.  A composite is a mix of a liquid resin and porcelain particles of various sizes.  The buzz word in dentistry for composites and Silicon Valley is nano-particles (very small porcelain particles).  Composites made with nano-particles are more life like replicating natural luster of teeth.

Replacing older restorations:

The picture on the  left shows 14 year old restorations on our patient’s two front teeth.  I know how old they were because I placed them when she was a twelve. At that time she came for an emergency visit to our office with two broken front teeth.   Both her and her Mom were greatly relieved and appreciative that I could immediately repair the teeth.  The composites placed during an emergency visit 12 years ago are now showing their age.  She is a young adult now ready to enter law school and she asked if we could improve the looks of  her front teeth with new restorations.

Of course we can improve the looks.

In this instance I removed all the old composites first.  I etched each tooth and then placed a layer of bonding material over them.  I used a beautiful restorative material from 3M material called Filtek Supreme to restore the tooth.  Filtek Supreme has a beautiful luster which will stay just like that for many years.  You can see the final results on the right.

So we have a happy camper here with two beautiful front teeth.  She is off to law school and we wish her the best of luck.

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We used composite veneers to restore the front of the two central incisors

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  1. It sounds like bonding has come a long ways. I like the comparison to Silicon Valley. Your patient looks great.


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