Dentists love compressed air: Twice this week, people asked me why do we blow compressed air on teeth during an examination.  One person prefaced the question saying, ‘You’ve been blowing air on my teeth for 15 years.  Why?’.  Well, he didn’t have to wait that long to ask me, I would have answered the question.. read more →

Time to chose a dentist: Choosing a dentist uses all of your intuitive skills.  Realizing the need for dental care is a start.  Next, people check with their friends or coworkers and ask for referrals.  Location plays a roll in most people’s decisions.  View the doctor’s web site to get a feel for the practice. .. read more →

The space problem: Spaces occur because of several reasons.  There can be a frenum or muscle pull between the front two teeth.  This tough band of tissue keeps the front teeth from meeting.  Frenum pulls are very common.  We usually use a laser, a scar free technique, to remove the frenum and then let the.. read more →

Getting fit! It’s  a tough world out there.  You go to the gym and get all pumped up to face the day.  Maybe add some cardio exercise into the routine for fitness.  If you are off to an interview, you wear your best clothes and you look sharp.  We all know that presentation is important. .. read more →

Loosing a tooth Losing a tooth as an adult is distressing.  Most of the times tooth loss is associated with dental decay, periodontal disease or trauma of some sort.  In this instance the tooth was lost due to something called root resorption.  We usually don’t know why this process occurs but essentially it is when.. read more →