The space problem: Spaces occur because of several reasons.  There can be a frenum or muscle pull between the front two teeth.  This tough band of tissue keeps the front teeth from meeting.  Frenum pulls are very common.  We usually use a laser, a scar free technique, to remove the frenum and then let the.. read more →

Getting fit! It’s  a tough world out there.  You go to the gym and get all pumped up to face the day.  Maybe add some cardio exercise into the routine for fitness.  If you are off to an interview, you wear your best clothes and you look sharp.  We all know that presentation is important. .. read more →

Loosing a tooth Losing a tooth as an adult is distressing.  Most of the times tooth loss is associated with dental decay, periodontal disease or trauma of some sort.  In this instance the tooth was lost due to something called root resorption.  We usually don’t know why this process occurs but essentially it is when.. read more →

The Hollywood  did a fabulous job giving Mike Myers an English 70’s smile.  The smile was part of  the Austin Powers character.  Mike Myers movies contain numerous gags concerning the state of English dental health back in the early 70’s. Mike Myers, himself, has a very natural smile. You can easily spot a.. read more →

Using  combination of orthodontics and implants  we restored the missing lateral incisor to her her smile.   She now has the right number of front teeth.  The first picture shows her missing a front tooth with the canine drifted forward.  We used orthodontics to move the canine to it’s proper position and then placed an implant and crown.  The.. read more →