Carol leads an active life.  Wearing a denture doesn’t slow her down.  That is because the denture is supported by implants.  Every weekend she goes square dancing.  She was once featured in her local newspaper for her participation in a 5 k race.  One of her secrets to her active life is an implant supported.. read more →

Achieving a perfect smile is more than lining teeth in a row.  Teeth need to be positioned for lip support.  It is something that one may not think of but the upper and lower front teeth support the lips.  Ideally when at rest the lips will appear full when properly supported.  You can also see.. read more →

What a beautiful smile D. has.   D. grew up in our practice.  When she was ten her adult canines were not coming in.  When canines don’t erupt crowding is present. I had a consult with D.’s mother and we made a treatment plan.  D. was in the office today.  She was on break from college. .. read more →

We all want out children to grow up healthy and strong.  When children have dental cavities this goal isn’t being met.  There is another way to think about it.  One has to look at dental disease differently.  Dental disease or cavities are contagious.  The more dental decay is present the more likely other teeth with.. read more →

It may seem simple when we say we are going to make a crown for you but it is more involved than that.  When I do a crown or other restorative procedure I have to go shopping for you.  Since it is not your area of expertise this is something that I do on your.. read more →