The Hollywood make up people did a fabulous job giving Mike Myers an English 70’s smile in the Austin Powers character.  His movies contain numerous gags concerning the state of English dental health back in the early 70’s.   Mike Myers, himself, has a very natural smile which hasn’t  been redone by Hollywood dentists. You.. read more →

Using  combination of orthodontics and implants  we restored the missing lateral incisor to her her smile.   She now has the right number of front teeth.  The first picture shows her missing a front tooth with the canine drifted forward.  We used orthodontics to move the canine to it’s proper position and then placed an implant and crown.  The.. read more →

This is an amazing example of what implant dentistry can do for some one.  This gentleman came to the office three years ago with his front tooth fractured off.  One complicating factor was that he always had a space between his front teeth.  One can’t fill up spaces in any old fashion.  The teeth would.. read more →

Dental implants What are dental implants?  Implants are a tapered piece of titanium allow  screwed into a prepared site in the upper or lower jaw.  There is usually a screw hole on top of the implant or a place for a compression fitting to add an abutment to restore the implant with a crown.  There.. read more →

Your front teeth: Smiles are made with canines, laterals and centrals. A total of 12 teeth, six upper and six lower and some premolars thrown in make a smile.  Okay, smiles include lips, cheeks, eyes, chins and a bit of an unquantifiable twinkle but this is a dental blog so today we will look at.. read more →