Growing up with junior: Moms and Dads are always concerned about their child’s thumb sucking habits.  I am not going to get into the origin of why some children suck their thumbs controversy.  It’s complicated.  I usually encourage kids not to suck their thumbs or fingers.  One has to choose one’s battles wisely and.. read more →

The diagnosis: Dental x-rays are important in the diagnosis of impacted canines.  The panoramic x-ray, shown here, is the most  powerful tool to screen patient for impacted teeth.   Everyone involved in dentistry over the past generation implemented improvements to reduce radiation and improve x-ray images. Impacted canine: Here we have a digital panoramic x-ray taken of a.. read more →

The Situation: How do we decide to use a bridge verses an implant treatment plan. This gentleman was wearing a partial denture replacing his left central and lateral incisors.  Partial dentures are sometimes challenging to wear and he was tired of wearing it.  In addition wearing a partial could be embarrassing.  No one wants to be without.. read more →

 Your road map for dental implants. 1- Implants take some time, patience, a well thought out treatment plan and finances. I use two implant systems.  Straumen at  And Keystone Genesis at 2-When I place an implants in an extraction site I usually use a bone graft at that visit. I allow three months healing.. read more →

Dentists love compressed air: Twice this week, people asked me why do we blow compressed air on teeth during an examination.  One person prefaced the question saying, ‘You’ve been blowing air on my teeth for 15 years.  Why?’.  Well, he didn’t have to wait that long to ask me, I would have answered the question.. read more →