Start to finish Everyone look, no braces. This was the big day for this 13 year old.  No braces!  We just took her orthodontic brackets off her teeth.  We were able to help her have a great smile with timely intervention.  We started her treatment when she was 11 years old.  Her teeth were crowded.. read more →

This June the Dental Society of New York provided free dental care at Hudson Valley Community College.  The event was organized by the Dental Society of the State of New York and the Mission of Mercy or MOM. During a Friday and Saturday over a thousand people were provided with free dental care. .. read more →

Now that the orthodontic treatment is done how do we keep the teeth straight?  Modern day retention focuses on using a bonded wire on the inside of the teeth.  The bonded wire usually runs from canine to canine (6 teeth) or just the incisors (4 teeth).  In conjunction with the bonded wire we recommend clear retainers.. read more →

Saving teeth: Not everything is as it seems. What you are looking at is some one who has seen a lot of life and several excellent dentists.  He came to the office with pain on the upper left first molar (you are looking at a mirror image of the teeth).  Part of our job is saving.. read more →

First Visit: This is a five year old at her first dental appointment.  She has a beautiful smile and a radiant personality.  Even a five year old can have a cavity.   Her cavity was in her front teeth.  We used a dental laser and repaired the tooth. What to expect: It’s best to star kids.. read more →