“Why do teeth break?” is often a question asked with a great deal of emotion.  After all some one is usually sitting in our office with a broken tooth wondering why this happened to them.  Here we have a broken lingual cusp fractured off.  To orient yourself you are looking at a photograph using a mirror. .. read more →

Early orthodontic help: This young gentleman is twelve years old.  For most boys the starting age of orthodontic treatment is 13 years old when the last baby teeth are lost and the adult premolars erupt.  Dentally he is ahead of the game because his adult teeth are getting ready to erupt.  We notice on his.. read more →

The basics: If you’re reading this you probably have dental insurance from your employer.  That’s great news especially if you need some dental care.  Dental insurance is far different from medical insurance.  Most dental insurance policies have a yearly benefit, hence at the end of the year it is a ‘disappearing benefit’.   This means.. read more →

The making of a great smile: This star soft ball league pitcher has a confident smile.  Cassie was coming to our office, as you can see, since she was a kid. As she was getting older in what marketers call the ‘tween’ years or between ten and twelve we notice that she was on the.. read more →

Start to finish Everyone look, no braces. This was the big day for this 13 year old.  No braces!  We just took her orthodontic brackets off her teeth.  We were able to help her have a great smile with timely intervention.  We started her treatment when she was 11 years old.  Her teeth were crowded.. read more →