I participated in the MS City to Shore ride in southern Jersey this year.  This was the first year I participated as a rider and it was for me a wonderful experience. This is a great fund raising event.  It isn’t a bike race and no one winds a prize for finishing the ride first… read more →

I think about three weeks ago the stores had isles of Halloween candy.  Every parent has a strategy on how to manage the great collection of candy their children collect.  Give a great cheer for the parents because it isn’t easy to be a parent will all the messages our kids get every day from.. read more →

In the beginning: What to do first? Where does one start? Are you in pain? Are you embarressed by your smile? Do you need more teeth to chew with? Every one comes to the office with something in mind that they want to improve on or get relief from. Every one start by picking up a phone.. read more →

Getting the job done right. Every one wants to have the job done right no matter what  the project is.  I hear about programs where some one has their house made over in 24 hours. Neat trick if you can do it. I also hear feed back that the 24 hour make over needed a.. read more →

And I need one now! This request, ‘I need a implant or a crown or a veneer’ is often the first question a person asks when first contacting out office. Unfortunately we can’t see the person over the phone line.   We try to avoid diagnoising over the phone.  There is no way to know.. read more →