As you can see a cephalometric or ceph x-ray is a side picture of the head.   There are many different ways to analyse the picture.  Orthodontists from different schools of thought look for different meanings from the x-ray.  Some times a particular analysis is associated with an orthodontic school of thought such as the.. read more →

What is a panoramic x-ray and why is it a part of a new patient exam. Panoramic x-rays are a way of looking at all the teeth and the jaws.  Pan’s are a two dimensional image taken with the focus in the plane of the teeth. Panoramic x-rays have been around for a while,.. read more →

How do I keep my teeth? That is the question that every dentist wants to hear.  Suppose you have a cavity in a tooth.  You know one of those brown holes in your teeth.  One day the tooth sends you a message.  Teeth only send one kind of message PAIN.  Or perhaps you have a.. read more →

Should I get a dental implant? Every one wants to know the best solution for their tooth problem.  Can my tooth be restored? Is it time for me to have an implant?    How do I decide the balance between restoring and implants?  Teeth with intact roots and at  some tooth above the gums can.. read more →

What to do when you have a toothache? You can avoid Cactus Row but some times a toothache can come on so suddenly there is no avoiding it.  The first thing one should do is get out of denial and call either our office or the office of your choice.  We see patients in pain.. read more →