Should I get a dental implant? Every one wants to know the best solution for their tooth problem.  Can my tooth be restored? Is it time for me to have an implant?    How do I decide the balance between restoring and implants?  Teeth with intact roots and at  some tooth above the gums can.. read more →

What to do when you have a toothache? You can avoid Cactus Row but some times a toothache can come on so suddenly there is no avoiding it.  The first thing one should do is get out of denial and call either our office or the office of your choice.  We see patients in pain.. read more →

Consultations and solutions. Our new patient. This week a woman came to the office with her adult daughter for a consultation.  After I finished my appointments for the day she was in the reception room waiting for her daughter to make her next appointment.  I went to introduce myself to her. She was pleased that.. read more →

A few ideas to a better smile: Don’t smoke: This is  the big one.  Smoking not only stains teeth but causes untold periodontal problems. Get regular cleaning and check ups: Clean teeth are attractive, complete your smile and add radiance to your appearance.  Catch problems early before they grow into big problems. Fix the back.. read more →

All smiles: Americans like great smiles.  Samson here has a great smile.   If you want to see great smiles, watch the morning newscasts and talk shows. Actors, news men and women and politicians present with big smiles. Sometimes artful use of porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns can make a life changing difference. Our Patient:.. read more →