It may seem simple when we say we are going to make a crown for you but it is more involved than that.  When I do a crown or other restorative procedure I have to go shopping for you.  Since it is not your area of expertise this is something that I do on your.. read more →

Veneers: When people talk about veneers they are looking to improve there smiles.  For many people veneers are an ideal choice.  Veneers  mask many problems such as color and shape/  Artful ceramists  control contour and color.  When bonded in place the result is a beautiful smile. Who are good candidates for veneers? People with.. read more →

As you can see a cephalometric or ceph x-ray is a side picture of the head.   There are many different ways to analyse the picture.  Orthodontists from different schools of thought look for different meanings from the x-ray.  Some times a particular analysis is associated with an orthodontic school of thought such as the.. read more →

What is a panoramic x-ray and why is it a part of a new patient exam. Panoramic x-rays are a way of looking at all the teeth and the jaws.  Pan’s are a two dimensional image taken with the focus in the plane of the teeth. Panoramic x-rays have been around for a while,.. read more →

How do I keep my teeth? That is the question that every dentist wants to hear.  Suppose you have a cavity in a tooth.  You know one of those brown holes in your teeth.  One day the tooth sends you a message.  Teeth only send one kind of message PAIN.  Or perhaps you have a.. read more →