If you are reading this blog and can’t sit still because of a tooth ache get yourself to a dentist, now. If you keep putting cold water on a tooth to control the pain, you have an acute pulpitis.  You may need endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) for that tooth.  Antibiotics may also be needed… read more →

Bonding is the term for restoration teeth with a composite resin.   The process consists of etching  a tooth and then adding an  acrylic ‘bond’ to the enamel.  A composite is a mix of a liquid resin and porcelain particles of various sizes.  The buzz word in dentistry for composites and Silicon Valley is nanoparticles (very small porcelain.. read more →

We now do invisible braces.  The trade name for this technology is called Invisilign https://www.invisalign.com/?utm_campaign=Exact_invisalign+Brand_priority&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=Bing&utm_term=invisalign or Clear Correct https://www.facebook.com/clearcorrect  by companies bearing those names. This is an option for adults who are highly motivated and want to improve their smile.  Traditional braces are bonded to teeth and then the forces for movement are provided by high tech titanium wires or.. read more →

A Patient’s Guide to Implants   This is a short guide to dental implants. Dentistry has over 30 years experience with the modern dental implant.  Dental implants work. Implant therapy requires a well thought out treatment plan,  patience and financial commitment. The surgeon (in this instance me) can place an implant in an extraction site  the.. read more →

Success with implants is  predictable.  I know you may be looking at the x-ray and thinking  ‘What is that?’.   You may not be familiar with implants.  So let me take a few moments to explain. About thirty five years ago a researcher in Sweden, Dr. Ingmar Branemark, discovered that when he used a titanium cylinder in his research subjects (dogs) .. read more →