Still smiling after 18 years

Her beautiful smile is maintained with composites

Accidents happen. It’s our job to make the teeth and smiles beautiful again. For this smiling patient the original accident happened when she was a preteen. A close encounter with a soda bottle broke the edges of both front teeth. The accident happened so long ago that she had to remind me when it happened. A quick check of my records said that I repaired the teeth 18 years ago.

How do you define success.

By any measure this 18 year old repair of a front tooth is very successful. Plus the repair on her other front tooth is still in excellent condition. I have to look closely though my magnifying loops to see the intact restoration.

A new composite restoration.

Our now young adult came to the office missing one of her composites on her front tooth. No problem.

To repair the tooth I used a newer generation composite and bonding agent. New restorative material filler particles that are very small. They are called of nano-particles. These small particles are mixed with acrylic. Combined together we achieve a strong and aesthetic restoration. I repaired the broken front tooth in 30 minutes. She left the office smiling.

Its my hope that you wont experience and accident that can happen with your front teeth but we in dentistry are prepared to help.

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