Adult orthodontics:

Adults Orthodontics in your 40’s can make a new smile for the rest of your life.   Our patient came to our office for many years.  Then one day she said let’s do it.  I want my teeth straight.  Her teeth were very crowded.  You couldn’t see her lateral incisors (those are the teeth next to the front teeth) when she smiled.  As often happens with sever crowding extracting 4 teeth was part of the treatment plan.  This allowed plenty of room to align the four front teeth and more.  Contrary to what you might think age isn’t a limiting factor in having successful orthodontic treatment.  What other factors might one consider in addition to orthodontic treatment.  In achieving an ideal smile we may can use orthodontic treatment to ideally align the anterior teeth before making veneers or esthetic porcelain crowns.  Bleaching anterior teeth can provide a sparkle the finished orthodontic treatment.

Focused Treatment:

Adults like to  be very focused on their orthodontic treatment.  Treatment options can vary.  In this instance the severe crowding was relieved by extractions.  But extractions aren’t the solution for minor crowding.  When correcting minor crowding we can make the premolar teeth smaller letting us straighten out the front teeth. Treatment involving reshaping teeth goes under many names.   If you are searching the web you may  look for ARS which is short for Air Rotor Stripping.  ARS has an easier ring to it.  The key ingredient here is that we remove just enough tooth structure to straighten out the front teeth.

There are other objectives in orthodontic treatment you may notice without a closer look. For this patient the upper midline of her face is the same as the midline between the upper and lower teeth.  People are not symmetrical.  One’s left side of the face is not  a perfect mirror of the right side.  But having the midlines match helps for a more pleasing look.  We used
Tip Edge brackets which you can check out at

Adult patient with glasses

This is the big day. We just took her braces off! She can celebrate on her birthday!


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