Composites work

A broken tooth the night before the prom

Composite repair

He is ready for the prom

Friday night emergency!   Accidents can happen any time. For this teenager, the accident happened the day before the prom.

We saw him for an emergency visit on a Friday night.  Emergencies require a proper evaluation, x-rays, discussion of the alternatives, and a good deal of assurance that when he left the office he would be smiling.

Diagnosis:  X-rays showed that the root of the tooth was intact.  In addition we wanted to make sure the tooth is vital and that there are no parts of the fractured tooth where they shouldn’t be.  In addition we take x-rays from different angles for a complete examination

What to do?  We had an extensive discussion with his mother concerning whether or not we should do root canal treatment at that visit.  A small portion of the pulp was exposed which sometimes leads to the tooth dying.  Since out patient was young and the pulp exposure was small I recommended not to do root canal treatment.  Fortunately we have material to cover an exposed pulp that helps the pulp heal.  In addition he is young making the prognosis favorable.

Both he and his Mom left the office much relieved and he was ready for the prom.

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