Handsome smile
His new crown on his front tooth matches his other front tooth

Our Patient’s Story

You are looking at a single front tooth porcelain crown which matches his natural teeth. This young man had an accident with his front tooth when he was a teenager. Before he came to my office the tooth has root canal treatment. As a result over time dental materials stained his tooth. He wants his new smile by his wedding date. We developed a treatment plan to use porcelain crowns to create a new smile.

The Path to a New Smile

At his first treatment visit my assistant and I took lots of before pictures. We took pictures of his teeth, his smile and his tooth next to dental porcelain shade guides. Shade guides and pictures are how we communicate to our laboratory colleagues. We have shade guides to match any tooth which helps ensure our success. After all the picture taking I prepared the tooth for a crown, took impressions and then placed an aesthetic temporary crown. We send impression and pictures to By Design Dental Studio to make the crown.

Our Porcelain Lab Support

We achieve success working with a great ceramist. By Designs Dental Studio in Atlanta Georgia has Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL) status. Their superior artistry supports our efforts in creating porcelain aesthetics.

Let us help you.

If you were hesitant to improve your smile now is the time to do it. You will enjoy the benefits of a great smile every day of your life.Call us at 518-374-0496.

Here are two links below. One link is for Ivoclar who manufactures dental materials. Visit Ivoclar and gain basic understanding of materials . We achieve out standing aesthetics using ceramics. I included my dental laboratory By Design Dental Studio web address. I can only say they are great people. Since 1991, By Design, assisted me an I created new smiles for patients.



Call our office at 518-374-0486. Making great smiles is our promise.

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