A New SmileI need a new smile:

A new start in life with a new smile. This gentleman came to our office earlier in the  year.  He said he needed some help in the smiling department.  We used an all porcelain pressed ceramic called Empress.  Empress is the premier product for making crowns for the front teeth.  They not only mimic natural teeth but they ‘grab’ color from the surroundings making a natural smile possible.  What is a pressed ceramic?  I’ll save that for another post. http://drdavidkaplaninscotia.com/a-new-bridge-make-a-new-smile/

Aesthetic veneers and crowns:

Empress and a similar material called E-max are used when esthetics are paramount.  We use other type of crowns to restore teeth.  The most revolutionary crown in dentistry is zirconia based crown.  For years dentists and manufacturers strive to develop an all porcelain crown for back teeth.  We had many false starts but zirconia crowns are winning the hearts of dentists and patients alike.  The are unbelievably tough.  I use them now for all my patients where back teeth need to be restored.   The results are more than encouraging and now we can restore back teeth as well as front teeth and make them look great.  You can check out E-max at https://www.makeitemax.com/  Our dental laboratory is called By Design.

He has a great smile and beautiful teeth.  If you would like us to help you to achieve optimal esthetics give  us a call at 518-374-0496.


Dave Kaplan

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